Graduate Programs

The graduate economics program involves topics ranging from microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics to subject areas chosen from development economics, urban and regional economics, international trade, and international finance, among others. There are approximately 100 graduate degree candidates in economics, with roughly three-quarters in the PhD program, drawn from many parts of the world. For information on international student enrollment at GW, visit the University's Office of Institutional Research and Planning.

Most students plan careers with international agencies, academic institutions, the government or consulting firms. The Department maintains an active, formal placement service, especially for academic and research positions. See our recent PhD job placements.

 Graduate Advising

 Master of Arts in Applied Economics:

         Professor Weiner
         Office Hours: By Appointment
         Office: Monroe 370

PhD: Admissions and Funding

         Professor Samaniego
         Office Hours: By Appointment
         Office: Government 318

PhD: Pre-Candidacy & Advising (Unit I)

         Professor Pelzman
         Office Hours: By Appointment
         Office: Government 319

PhD: Candidacy (Unit II)

         Professor Fon
         Office Hours: Wednesdays 3:30-4:45
                                  Thursdays 11:26-12:30
         Office: Monroe 266

Student Association for Graduate Economics (SAGE)

Organized by Graduate Students in the Economics Department, The Student Association for Graduate Economics (SAGE) holds events every semester which include student research seminars, technical seminars, other helpful organizational "getting through a PhD" seminars, as well as social events. Read more about SAGE here!

Current PhD Students:

Hanadi Alabaad
Lama Al-Humaidan
Khalid Alotaibi
Victor Balseca
Matthew Barkell
Patrick Bauer
Olga Bespalova
Ferhat Bilgin
Vida Bobic
Michael Browne
Constantin Burgi
Irmak Cankatan
Xinxin Cao
Gao Chen
Qi Chen
Ruoyu Chen
Sungwook Cho
Hyung Joon Chung
Ivette Contreras Gonzalez
Huong Dang
Charles Eason
Eyan Fu
Zhe Fu
Nisan Gorgulu
Eiji Goto
Qian Guo
Xudong  Guo
Laurel Hammond
Md. Nazmul Hoque
Nan Hu
Yuxuan Huang
Jung Yoon Jang
Bo Jiang
Chen Jin
Jozefina Kalaj
Priyanka Kanth
Hani Kawar
Amjad Khan
Sinem Kilic
Jin Kim
Taesik Kim
Alexandre Kornelius
Je-uei Kuo
Yanzhao Lai
Sunghwan Lee
Yoon Jung Lee
Chuanhao Lin
Bozhen Liu
Han Liu
Andrea Lopez Luzuriaga
Rafael Lopez-Monti
Tian Luan
Joseph McCormack
Connor Meneough
Xiaofan Meng
Hang Nguyen
Jinhee Park
Urbashee Paul
Daniel Alejandro Pereira Arellano
Chad Redmer
Scot Remick
RaeAnn Robinson
Jason Russ
Amir Sadeghi Emamgholi
Abhilasha Sahay
Hector Tzavellas
Shiyi Wang
Yizhi Wang
Haixiao Wu
Min Wu
Shuang Wu
Xiaohui Wu
Zinan Xie
Cheng Xu
Xiaoying Yang
Zheyu Yang
Feng Zhang
Lifei Zhang
Yue Zhang
Zhongxia Zhang
Qiang Zheng
Hang Zhou
Jialiang  Zhu
Naixin Zhu


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GW Center for Economic Research

The Center for Economic Research concentrates on the various fields of research in the social sciences that overlap with the scholarly research of faculty in the Department of Economics

Graduate Financial Assistance

The Office of Student Financial Assistance offers financial aid in the form of Federal Direct Stafford, Federal Direct Graduate PLUS, and private alternative loans to students who have been admitted to one of our graduate degree or approved graduate certificate programs. Visit the Office of Student Financial Assistance in the ground floor of the Marvin Center to learn more.