Declaring a Major / Minor

We are excited to welcome you to the department!

All major/minor declarations will be handled electronically. To declare your economics major or minor, please follow the steps below:

1. Read the major/minor requirements and recommended schedules on our website to construct a tentative 4 year plan.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment with the DUS to discuss your course plan if you are not sure how to get started. A few things to note as you construct your plan:

  • For ECON 1011 and ECON 1012 to count toward the major, the courses must be completed at GW. Students who matriculate with AP or transfer credit for one or both courses are exempt from this residency requirement.
  • Calc I is a pre-requisite for the intermediate theory, econometrics, and Calc II courses, so please make sure you plan to COMPLETE Calc I before any follow up courses.
  • MATH 1252 does not satisfy the Calc I pre-requisite to enroll in ECON 2123 and does not satisfy the Calc I requirement for BS majors. Therefore, if you are interested in taking ECON 2123 or interested in declaring a BS major, you will need to choose either MATH 1221 or 1231 to satisfy the Calc I requirement.
  • Intro Statistics is a pre-requisite for ECON 2123, so please make sure you COMPLETE Intro Statistics before you enroll in ECON 2123.
  • You are strongly encouraged to take ECON 2101 Intermediate Micro BEFORE taking ECON 2102 Intermediate Macro.
  • Intermediate theory courses as well as econometrics/upper level statistics and three ECON electives are pre-requisites for ECON 4198W (proseminar), so please make sure you plan to COMPLETE those classes before you enroll in ECON 4198W.
  • For students wishing to take just one semester of international economics, ECON 2180 (half a semester of 2181 content and half a semester of 2182 content) is recommended. For students wishing to take more than just one international course, then the combination of ECON 2181 and ECON 2182 is recommended. ECON 2180 cannot be taken for credit after completion of ECON 2181 or 2182.

2. Fill out the relevant declaration form from the list below.

The forms are partially completed with required courses already. Simply fill out your personal details and modify the course selection according to your 4 year plan. Save the completed form as a pdf.

3. Email your completed declaration form to the DUS at [email protected].

In your email, please put “BA/BS/Minor Declaration” in the email subject line, and attach your completed declaration form.

The DUS will look through your plan carefully. If there are no issues, you will receive a signed declaration form from the DUS electronically. If the DUS has any questions or concerns about your plan, you will be contacted via e-mail. After you receive the signed declaration form, please sign, date, and submit to your home school advising office for processing. Declaration submission procedures vary from school to school, so please check your home school’s website and follow their specific instructions. While classes are in session, allow a minimum of 5 business days for your declaration to be processed.