Declaring a Major / Minor

All major and minor declarations will be handled electronically. To declare your economics major or minor, please click on the relevant google form link below. The google form will guide you through the process of building your course plan. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) to discuss your course plan, but the google form still needs to be completed.

Please read the major/minor requirements and recommended schedules for a BA in Economics or a BS in Economics to construct a tentative 4 year plan before you attempt to fill out the google form to declare your major or minor. Also, please wait until you have completed ECON 1011 before attempting to declare.

The DUS will look through the declaration submissions carefully. If there are no issues, you will receive a signed declaration form from the DUS electronically. If the DUS has any questions or concerns about your plan, you will be contacted. After you receive the signed declaration form, please complete the remaining required fields on the form, sign, date, and submit to your home school advising office for processing. Declaration submission procedures vary from school to school, so please check your home school’s website and follow the specific instructions. 

During Fall and Spring semesters while classes are in session, allow a minimum of 5 business days for the request to be processed. During winter break, the processing time cannot be guaranteed. During the summer months, declarations will be paused until the new academic year’s bulletin is updated on the GW website and DegreeMap.