Combined MS & Certificate Options

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Certificate programs help students specialize in an area of expertise, learn the latest developments in their field and earn professional credentials.

Students who are enrolled in the MS in Applied Economics may apply for dual enrollment with a graduate certificate in certain fields. Students may double-count up to two courses (six credits) toward both the certificate and the electives requirements for the MS in Applied Economics.

All program requirements for the MS and the graduate certificate must be fulfilled. Visit the GW Bulletin for requirements details.


Certificate Options


How to Apply

CCAS Certificate Programs

Students must submit an application for dual enrollment through the CCAS Office of Graduate Studies, only after they have enrolled in the MS in Applied Economics program. Dual enrollment participants do not need to meet the separate application requirements for the graduate certificate.

All students interested in the certificate option should meet with their advisor as soon as possible. Both the director of the MS program and of the graduate certificate program director must approve the dual program before the student can enroll in a course for double credit.

Business School Certificate Programs

Students who are pursuing one of the certificate options through the GW School of Business (GWSB) undergo a slightly different application process from the other certificate options. 

Applicants must submit academic transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate education programs as part of the electronic application. 

The Business Analytics Certificate requires advanced competency in mathematics, and the applicant’s level of mathematical proficiency will be assessed.

MS students must apply for any GWSB certificate no later than one month before the semester in which they plan to graduate.

Fast-Track GWSB Application Tips

  • Résumé: Upload your resume reflecting your current educational program. Abbreviate typing in your work history by entering, “See résumé.”
  • Essay: Upload a Word document: “I am a [fill in MS, MBA or MSAE] student at GWSB [or] CCAS with a special interest in [enter certificate title].”
  • Reference: Enter your academic advisor’s name.
  • Transcripts: You may access your unofficial transcript via GWeb (Student Records and Registration/Student Information Menu/Transcripts/View Unofficial Transcripts). Please upload it in this section.
  • Application Fee Waiver: When your application is ready to submit, either click the Application Fee dropdown and select Request a Waiver. State you are a current GWSB / MSAE student, in good academic standing, requesting an application fee waiver. Your application fee will be waived soon after. Coordinators will contact you to submit the application after the application fee waiver has been applied to your record.