Departmental Special Honors

The Economics Department will recommend Special Honors for all majors that have completed BOTH of the following:

  • At least six graded ECON courses (18 credits) in residence
  • Have a combined GPA of 3.75 or above for all graded ECON courses prior to their last semester at GW

Majors who qualify must apply to be considered for Special Honors using this google form. We are currently accepting applications for majors graduating Spring 2024. The deadline for application submission is Friday February 16, 2024. Late submissions may not be considered. Students will need to email an unofficial copy of GW transcript to ECON Department Administrator - Miriam ([email protected]), or drop off a physical copy to the ECON department office (Monroe 340). There are instructions for obtaining a free unofficial transcript through the Office of the Registrar.

For majors who fall shy of the 3.75 GPA requirement, an additional route for Special Honors recommendation is through the Hsieh or Dunn prize nominations. If the student’s proseminar paper is nominated for these departmental prizes by the proseminar instructor, and a faculty committee deem the nominated paper worthy of special honors, the department will recommend special honors for the student regardless of ECON GPA. No application is required for this path to Special Honors recommendation.

Departmental recommendation for Special Honors does not guarantee Special Honors award. Students must still satisfy the Special Honors requirements stated on the GW University Bulletin Undergraduate Regulations