All registration issues and RTF signing requests will be handled by the Academic Department Administrator. Please do not ask the instructors to sign your RTF forms.

RTF forms will only be signed under one of the following circumstances:

  1. You need to repeat a course
  2. You need to get onto the waitlist of a class and you could not do so electronically
  3. You need to take an additional ECON 2199 course
  4. You lacked a pre-requisite for the course during pre-registration, but have since completed the pre-requisite

Please e-mail the Academic Department Administrator ([email protected]) stating clearly your GWID and the reason for needing your RTF form signed. The Academic Department Administrator will verify the information on DegreeMap and sign your RTF form if necessary.

Note that a signed RTF form does not give you a seat in the course if the course is at capacity, it will only put you onto the waitlist.