Alumni Outcomes

Six top GWU Economics students joined Joann Weiner (center), Associate Professor of Economics and Director of our Applied Economics M.A. program, last week at the National Economists Club's 50th Anniversary dinner held at the National Press Club!

Alumni of the GW Department of Economics have pursued careers and advanced degrees in business administration, international commerce, medicine, politics, computer programming, investment banking and more. They work as economists and analysts in Brazil, China, India, France, Singapore, Tanzania and across the United States.


Recent Undergraduate Alumni Employers


  • Allstate Insurance
  • American College of Physicians
  • Bates White Economic Consulting
  • Berkeley Research Group
  • Bipartisan Policy Center
  • The Brattle Group
  • Capital One
  • Citi
  • Coalition for Government Procurement
  • Credit Suisse
  • Fair Labor Association


  • Federal Reserve Board
  • Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Harvard University
  • Institute for Defense Analysis
  • International Monetary Fund
  • L’Oreal
  • Raytheon
  • U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • U.S. Senate
  • World Bank


More Undergraduate Alumni Outcomes


Recent Graduate Alumni Employers


  • American Road & Transportation Builders Association
  • Banco Central de Brazil
  • Boeing
  • Brookings Institution
  • CBRE Group
  • China Investment Corporation
  • The Coalition for Government Procurement
  • Edgeworth Economics
  • The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • The Federal Reserve Board
  • Florida State University
  • Freddie Mac
  • Global Financial Integrity
  • Huawei Technologies


  • The International Monetary Fund
  • Irish Aid
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Kazakh-British Technical University
  • National University of Singapore
  • Nordic Degrees
  • The Small Business Association
  • Summit Consulting
  • University of International Business and Economics
  • U.S. Department of Commerce
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • U.S. Department of Labor
  • The World Bank


More MS in Economics Employment Outcomes


PhD Alumni Job Placement Data

Faculty director names are indicated in parentheses.


Nisan Gorgulu (R. Jedwab and S. Smith)

  • Copenhagen Business School (Postdoc)

Bo Jiang (P. Labadie)

  • Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Assistant Professor (Full-time Tenure Track)

Han Liu (A. Yezer)

  • Capital One (full-time)

Hector Tzavellas (S. Joshi)

  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Assistant Professor (Visiting)

Huong (Alicia) Dang (R. Samaniego)

  • Union College New York (Tenure Track)

Eiji Goto (T. Sinclair)

  • University of Missouri-St. Louis (Tenure Track)

Jin Ho Kim (R.Samaniego)

  • Oxford University (Lecturer in Economics)

Andrea Lopez-Luzuriaga (P. Carrillo)

  • Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá Colombia (Tenure Track)

Chad A. Redmer (A. Yezer)

  • U.S. Naval Academy (Tenure Track)

Qiang Zheng (M. Chen)

  • CLSA Americas

Vida Bobic (S. Smith)

  • Inter-American Development Bank

Gao Chen (J. Shambaugh)

  • Capital University of Economics and Business

Aaditya Dar (S. Smith)

  • Indian School of Business

Xudong Guo (T. Sinclair)

  • Shanghai University

Jozefina Kalaj (B. Chiswick)

  • Pepperdine University

Amjad Khan (R. Jedwab)

  • World Bank-Yong Professionals Program

YanZhao Lai (N. Vonortas)

  • SouthWest JiaoTong University

Rafael Lopez-Monti (P. Labadie)

  • Elliot School of International Affairs (Contract)

Tian Luan (A. Yezer)

  • Freddie Mac

Haixiao Wu (A. Yezer)

  • Nanjing Audit University

Xiaohui (Sharon) Wu (M. Bradley)

  • Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Cheng Xu (A. Malik and L. Brooks)

  • Capitol One

Constantin Burgi (J. Foster)

  • St. Mary's College (tenure track)

Md. Nazmul Hoque (B. Boulier, S. Emran)

  • East West University, Bangladesh

Jason Russ (A. Malik)

  • World Bank

Sam Zhang (J. Shambaugh)

  • International Monetary Fund

Zhe Fu ( C. Wei)

  • University of International Business and Economics, China (tenure track)

Molly Jacobs (D. Parsons)

  • East Carolina University (tenure track)

Xiaofan Meng (V. Fon)

  • Fannie Mae

Min Wu (M. Chen)

  • Moody's Analytics

Hang Zhou (J. Shambaugh)

  • University of International Business and Economics, China (tenure track)

Jialiang Zhu (W. Mullin)

  •     Xiamen University, WISE, China (tenure track)

Ferhat Bilgin (F. Joutz, J. Pelzman)

  • Econometrica, Inc

Shunqin Chen (C. Wei)

  • Fannie Mae

Amy Y. Guisinger (T. Sinclair)

  • Lafayette College (tenure track)

Yuzhen He (M. Chen)

  • University of International Business and Economics, China (tenure track)

Chun Kuang (A. Yezer)

  • East Carolina University (tenure track)

Shan Li (B. Chiswick)

  • Central University of Finance and Economics, China (tenure track)

Xiaohan Ma (R. Samaniego)

  • Texas Tech University (tenure track)

Stephen Popick (A. Yezer)

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Ahmed Rostom (F. Joutz , J. Pelzman)

  • World Bank

Weihua Zhao (A. Yezer)

  • University of Louisville (tenure track)



    2015 and Earlier

    Sebastian Acevedo (T. Sinclair)

    • International Monetary Fund

    Sabine Ahmed (M. Chen)

    •  World Bank

    Melanie Allwine (J. Foster)

    • Randolf-Macon College (tenure track)

    Saher Asad (S. Smith)

    • Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan (tenure track)

    Ge Bao  (M. Chen)

    • University of International Business and Economics, China (tenure track)

    Daniel Broxterman (A. Yezer)

    • Florida State University (tenure track)

    Matt Darst (A. Fostel)

    •  The Federal Reserve Board

    Chrysanthi Hatzimasoura

    • The Lab@ DC

    Ehraz Refayet (A. Fostel)

    • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

    Chen Song (A. Malik)

    • University of International Business and Economics, China (tenure track)

    Albert Wood (A. Malik)

    • Bureau of Intelligence and Research, U.S. Department of State

    Murat Issabayev (J. Pelzman)

    • International School of Economics at Kazakh-British Technical University (tenure track)

    Yiseon Yoo (A. Malik)

    • Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade

    Annette Kyobe (G. Kaminsky)

    • International Monetary Fund

    Jeremy Larrieu (S. Joshi)

    • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

    Pablo Vega-Garcia

    •  Universidad San Francisco de Quito (tenure track)

    Gabriela Aparicio (. Carrillo and S. Emran)

    • Inter-American Development Bank (post-doc)

    Bogdan Bonca (J. Pelzman)

    • Capital One

    Kiyong Jeon (W. Mullin)

    •  Posco Research Institute, South Korea

    Yao Pan (P. Carrillo and S. Smith)

    • Aalto University (former Helsinki School of Economics) (tenure track)

    Jon Rothbaum (J. Foster)

    • US Census

    Yu Sun  (R. Samaniego)

    • Singapore Management University (tenure track)

    Aaron Elron (A. Malik)

    • Sewanee: The University of the South (tenure track)

    Yueqing Jia (T. Sinclair)

    • Capital One

    Virginia Robano (S.Smith)

    • The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    Jane Yoo (P. Labadie)

    • Ajou University, Korea (tenure track)

    Pingkang Yu (A. Yezer)

    • Renmin University, China (tenure track)

    Gurkan Ay (D. Parsons)

    • ERS Group

    Sungil Kwak (S. Smith)

    • Korea Institute for International Economic Policy

    Will Larson (A. Yezer)

    • Federal Housing Finance Agency

    Yi Song (M. Moore)

    • Fannie Mae

    Yaroslava V. Babych (G. Kamisky)

    • International School of Economics at Tibilisi State University, Georgia (tenure track)

    Anastasia Guscina (R. Samaniego)

    • International Monetary Fund

    Zhaoyang Hou (S. Smith and S. Emran)

    • National University of Singapore (visiting fellow)

    Poonpat Leesombatpiboon (F. Joutz)

    • Ministry of Energy, Thailand

    Brett Rayner (M. Cipriani)

    • International Monetary Fund

    Chao Yue Tian (A. Yezer)

    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (post-doc)

    Cigdem Akin (F. Joutz)

    • Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Bologna Center, Italy

    Joshua (Tony) Castleman (S. Smith)

    • Academy for Educational Development

    Mary Catherine Foreman (J. Cordes)

    • Department of Homeland Security

    Kotaro Ishi (F. Joutz)

    • International Monetary Fund

    Issouf Samake (F. Joutz)

    • International Monetary Fund

    Jeremy Schwartz (D. Parsons)

    • Loyola University Maryland (tenure track)

    Elaine Frey (A. Malik)

    • California State University, Long Beach (tenure track)

    Mohamed El Amine Mati (G. Kaminsky)

    • International Monetary Fund

    Jevergenijs Steinbuks (A. Yezer)

    • Churchill College, Cambridge University, England

    Jennifer Gravelle (H. Watson)

    • U.S. Goverment Accountability Office

    Dongsoo Kim (A. Yezer)

    • Korean Institute of Transportation Research

    Yoriy Plypchuk  (R. Trost)

    • St. Mary's College, Maryland

    Laura Schultz (F. Joutz and B. Fraumeni)

    • University at Albany (SUNY) (tenure track)

    Kyongsei Sohn (B. Boulier)

    • SUNY- Brockport (tenure track)

    Erwin Tiongson (M. Moore and S. Smith)

    • World Bank

    Niels-Hugo Blunch (D. Ribar)

    • Washington and Lee University (tenure track)

    Robert Jin-Ho Choi (C. Snyder)

    • Fannie Mae

    Christian Crowley (F. Joutz and A. Malik)

    • Office of Policy Analysis, U.S. Department of the Interior

    Amany El- Anshasy (M. Bradley)

    • United Arab Emirates University (tenure track)

    Dahlia El-Hawary (M. Bradley)

    • Part-time teaching, Egypt

    Alejandro Guerson (G. Kaminsky)

    • World Bank; International Monetary Fund

    Di Guo  (R. Trost)

    • dsGlobal, Inc

    Feng Liu (A. Yezer)

    • National Association of Realtors

    Hanan Morsy (G. Kaminsky)

    • International Monetary Fund

    Frank David Osiniski (W. Mullin)

    • Bates White

    Maria Pia Iannariello (G. Kaminsky)

    • Inter-American Development Bank

    Moataz El-Said (S. Smith)

    • International Monetary Fund

    Chi-Ung Song (B. Boulier)

    • Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI)


    2018 M.A. in Applied Economics Student, Mario Escarcega, in a white shirt

    “The master’s program taught me to use programming skills, econometric tools and economic theory to propose solutions to topics ... I apply the concepts that I learned in class on a daily basis in my job ... ”

    Mario Escarcega
    MA ’18
    Applied Economics


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