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Summary Placement Sheet of the Job Market Candidates 2018-2019


Gao Chen

Gao Chen-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: International Finance, Macroeconomics
Secondary: Applied Econometrics, Monetary Economics
Job Market Paper: Rethinking the Balassa Samuelson Effect: Capital Controls and Real Exchange Rate Misalignment


Vida BobicAaditya Dar-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Agricultural Economics
Secondary: Political Economy, Environmental Economics
Job Market Paper: Parachuters vs Climbers: Economic Consequences of Barriers to Political Entry in a

Xudong GuoXudong Guo-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics
Secondary: Forecasting, Monetary Economics
Job Market Paper: The Role of Okun’s Law in Forecast Accuracy



Xudong GuoJozefina Kalaj-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Labor Economics, Development Economics
Secondary: Applied Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Do Remittances Compensate for the Negative Impact of Migration on Children's Schooling?




Xudong GuoYanzhao Lao-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Economics of Innovation, Economics of Entrepreneurship
Secondary: Industrial Organization
Job Market Paper: The Relationship between University-Industry Interactions and University Scientific Productivity: Evidence from China






Rafael Lopez-MontiRafael Lopez-Monti-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
Secondary: International Finance, Fiscal Policy
Job Market Paper: The Effect of Macroeconomic Volatility on Financial Deepening: A Missing Link?


Tian LuanTian Luan-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Urban Economics and Real Estate Finance, Applied Econometrics
Secondary:  Development Economics
Job Market Paper: Did Investors Price Regional Housing Bubbles?  A Tale of Two Markets

Haixiao WuHaixiao Wu-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Urban and Regional Economics
Secondary: Environmental Economics
Job Market Paper: Is There a Kuznets Curve for Intra-City Income Inequality?

Nazmul HoqueXiaohui Wu -CV-Website
Areas of Concentration
Primary:  International Finance, Macroeconomics
Secondary: International Trade, Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Dynamics and Determinants of Gross Capital Flow; A Nonlinear Approach




Cheng XuCheng Xu-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Environmental Economics, Urban Economics
Secondary: Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics
Job Market Paper: Do Chinese Drivers Respond to Gasoline Price Changes?
Arun Malik (Co- Chair)
Leah Brooks (Co- Chair)