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Summary Placement Sheet of the Job Market Candidates 2017-2018


Vida BobicVida Bobic-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Development Economics
Secondary: Applied Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Decisions, Decisions: Impact of a Female-Targeted Agricultural Intervention on Household Decision-making in Uganda

Vida BobicMichael Browne-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: International Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Secondary: Monetary Economics, Forecasting
Job Market Paper: Estimating Monetary Policy Rules in Small Open Economies
Neil Ericsson (Co-Chair)
Fred Joutz (Co-Chair)

Constantin Burgi-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Secondary:  International Finance, Monetary Economics
Job Market Paper: Uncertainty Versus Rigidities-What is the Main Driver of Deviations from full Information Rational Expectations?
James Foster (Chair)

Aaditya DarAaditya Dar-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Develoment Economics, Political Economy
Secondary: Applied Microeconomics, Environmental Economics
Job Market Paper: Parachuters vs Climbers: Economic Consequences of Barriers to a Political Entry in a Democracy

Qian GuoQian Guo-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: International Trade
Secondary:  Applied Econometrics, Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Firm-Level Antidumping Duties: What Do Firms Learn from Experience?
Michael Moore (Chair) 

Nazmul HoqueMd. Nazmul Hoque-CV-Website
Areas of Concentration
Primary: Development Economics, Applied Econometrics
Secondary: Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Madrassa Trap?  Poverty, Preference and Islamic Religious Schooling in Indonesia
Bryan Boulier (Co-Chair)
Dr. Shahe Emran (Co-Chair)


Nazmul HoqueZhongxia Zhang -CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Monetary Policy, International Finance
Secondary: Financial Economics, Fiscal Policy
Job Market Paper: Stock Returns and Inflation Redux: An Explanation from Monetary Policy in Advanced and Emerging Markets