PhD Courses

Departmental prerequisite: Graduate courses in economics (except 6214, 6217-18, 6219, 6220, 6221-22, 6247, 6249, 6250, 6280, 6283, 6284) are designed for graduate students in economics. Graduate students in other disciplines may register for these courses after having completed Econ 6217-18, or 6218 and 6219, or 2101/2103 and 2102/2104, and any other prerequisites of a particular course, unless the course description indicates that these prerequisites have been waived. Intermediate-level micro and macro courses taken elsewhere usually satisfy this requirement, but undergraduate introductory or first-year courses do not. In addition to these prerequisites and any others specific to the particular course, calculus is required for some 6000-level courses and for all 8000-level courses. Most of the 8000-level courses require familiarity with multivariable calculus and matrix algebra.

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