The following requirements must be fulfilled: 24 credits

ECON 1011Principles of Economics I
ECON 1012Principles of Economics II
ECON 2101Intermediate Microeconomic Theory *
or ECON 2103 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach
ECON 2102Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory *
or ECON 2104 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach
Two additional approved upper-division courses in economics.
One of the following mathematics courses:
MATH 1221Calculus with Precalculus II *
MATH 1231Single-Variable Calculus I *
MATH 1252Calculus for the Social and Management Sciences *
And one of the following options
Option A: One of the following statistics courses:
STAT 1111Business and Economic Statistics I
STAT 1051Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics
STAT 1053Introduction to Statistics in Social Science *
Option B:
MATH 1232Single-Variable Calculus II
Option C:
One additional upper-division course in economics, other than excluded courses.**

*Must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.

** The following may not be used for Option C: ECON 2169 Introduction to the Economy of China,ECON 2170 Introduction to the Economy of Japan, ECON 2185 Economic History and Problems of Latin America, ECON 2198 Special Topics in Economics - Regional, and ECON 3098 Variable Topics - Regional Economics.