Major/Minor Declaration

To declare your economics major or minor, you will need to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in person during weekly walk-in office hours or sign up for an appointment using This Link. We recommend that you wait until after you have finished the principles courses as well as an economics upper level elective before declaring your major, so that you are sure economics is for you.

Prior to the meeting, please have a close look at the major/minor requirements and recommended path of study available on the Undergraduate home page. It is helpful to come with a tentative plan on how you would complete all remaining major requirements.

The DUS would have major/minor declarations forms available (for students from CCAS, ESIA, GWSB, and SEAS), so there is no need to bring the form with you (though we recommend that you come with some notes on your future academic plan).

Students may only declare their major/minor during the fall or spring semesters while classes are in session, as the DUS will not hold regular office hours during summer or winter breaks. For extenuating circumstances that require declarations during break periods, please e-mail the DUS ([email protected]) to check her availability.

For the recommended Economics BA course sequence click HERE.

For the recommended Economics BS course sequence click HERE.