MA in Applied Economics

Applied economics is the use of economic theories, models and data to solve real-world issues. Students in the Master of Arts in Applied Economics program develop skills in macro- and microeconomics and learn to analyze and forecast economic trends in areas including (but not limited to) budgetary and fiscal policy, international trade, labor and urban economics. Graduates are prepared for positions as economic analysts in government, private consulting firms, financial institutions, international organizations and applied policy research institutions.

Why Applied Economics at GW?

GW’s MA in Applied Economics provides you with the tools to succeed as economists in today’s data-driven world. Thanks to the University’s extensive academic offerings, students may take courses not only in economics, but also in subjects such as data science, international affairs, and geographical information systems, or in programs such as Public Policy, Business, Public Health, and Science and Engineering. 

As a graduate student in applied economics, you have access to GW’s more than 100 graduate program offerings – an advantage available only at GW.

In terms of the program, you benefit from one-on-one advising through regular on-campus meetings with the program director, whose office is located in the Economics Department. The Director provides individual guidance on course selection, internships, and career opportunities as well as giving overall advice and suggestions on how to structure the program to meet your personal objectives. You’ll be taught by a diverse faculty from both the academic world and those who are working at local economic institutions, giving you the insights from a wide range of perspectives.

Because GW’s applied economics program is located within the economics department at GW, applied economics students have access to all of the programs offered to economics graduate students in the Ph.D. program.  You can take advantage of the variety of seminars, numerous research centers and programs, the Student Association for Graduate Economics (SAGE), and mentorship from a faculty of internationally-recognized experts and practitioners.

Students benefit from GW’s location within walking distance of the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Trade Commission, the Office of Management and Budget and numerous other influential entities related to economics, students find ample opportunity for hands-on experience and internships. 

All of these benefits – program, university, and location --- help prepare you to enter the job market with a competitive advantage.

To learn more about the program, take a look at the other web pages on this site, attend an online information session (or watch a previously recorded session), and explore GW’s home page.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of the program, Dr. Joann Weiner at [email protected].

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