Graduate Certificates and the Applied Economics MA

George Washington University offers several graduate certificate programs that typically involve 12-18 hours of graduate course work in a focused area of study. They provide specialized training to help you expand your areas of expertise, teach you about new developments in your fields, augment your professional skills, and provide credentials that help you advance your careers.  Students who are studying for an MA in Applied Economics may obtain credit, i.e., “double count” up to two courses taken for the Applied Economics MA that also meet the course requirements for a Graduate Certificate. Please see the information on the individual certificates to learn about the specific course requirements for each certificate.

We have been approved to offer the Graduate Certificate with the Applied Economics MA in CCAS and TSPPA:

If you wish to study for one of the above graduate certificates while you are also studying for the Applied Economics MA, you must submit an application for Dual Enrollment and a Petition to study for the Graduate Certificate. If you have already been admitted to the applied economics MA, you do not need to meet the separate application requirements for the graduate certificate. In addition, you do not apply for the certificate until after you have enrolled in the Applied Economics MA. If you are interested in studying for a certificate along with the master’s degree, please arrange to meet with your advisor as soon as possible.  You must obtain approval from both the director of the MA and of the graduate certificate program prior to enrolling in a course for which you plan to obtain double credit.

We have been approved to offer the following Graduate Certificates with the Applied MA in the School of Business:

If you wish to study one of the above graduate business certificates you do need to apply; however if you are a current Applied MA student and follow the Fast Track Advice the process will be streamlined and it will not cost you anything.