The faculty of the Department of Economics at The George Washington University enjoy a national reputation for their scholarly contributions to a wide range of areas in economics, including macro- and micro- economic theory, econometrics, economic development, economies in transition, environmental economics, industrial organization, international trade and finance, labor economics, public finance, and regional and urban economics. Our faculty are also committed teachers, dedicated to both undergraduate and graduate education.

In order to maintain and strengthen the quality of faculty, students, and programs over the years the Department of Economics requires substantial financial support. Private donations enhance our ability to attract and retain top faculty and students and improve undergraduate and graduate programs.

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The Economics Department would like to gratefully acknowledge the following generous donors who made a gift to the Department of Economics from January 1, 2015, to December 31, 2015.

Aegon Transamerica Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund 
Marsh & McLennan    
National Economics Research Associates    
The KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation    
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program    
Jose A. Alexandre, BA ’89   
Maya C. Atta Mensah ~   
Andrew T. Avitabile, BS ’15    
B. Jay Baraff, BA ’62, AA ’60
Peter J. Berini, BA ’14   
James W. Bowen, BA ’00   
Richard A. Brown, PhD ’94   
David E. Cohen, BA ’15   
Calvin L. Collier, II, BA ’87   
Anabelle M. Dahdah, BS ’15   
Robert M. Dunn, Jr. +    
Thomas W. Farquhar, MA ’64, BA ’60
Lane C. Farrell, BS ’15   
Jordan K. Frank, BS ’12   
David T. Fritz BS ‘08, MA ’09
John T. Gaffney, BA ’82   
Cristina O. Garcia, BA ’14  
Ryan C. Gilbert, BA ’10   
Robert S. Goldfarb +
David S. Goodwin, BA ’06, MD ’10
David A. Green #   
Carroll N. Guin, BA ’81   
Lily U. Hale, MPhil ’82, PhD ’84
David D. Hanig, PhD ’85, MPhil ’81
Stuart L. Harshbarger, MPhil ’93, PhD ’94
James G. Hopkins, BA ’76   
Dinorah P. Iriarte, BA ’10   
Caitlin A. Keliher, BS ’14   
John B. Kendrick +   
Thomas J. Kennedy, III, BS ’07   
Christopher S. Kim, BS ’13, MPP ’15  
Cecilia L. Klein, MA ‘76, BA ’71
Federico G. Klein, MCLF ’71   
Janine M. L’Heureux, BS ’15   
Stephen M. Lubin, MA ’71   
Katie L. Lumsden, BA ’15   
Claire V. MacKoul, BA ’14   
Patrick I. Mamudu, Jr., BS ’14, BA ’14
Stephen L. Mangum, MPhil ’83, PhD ’84
Patrick M. Margolis, BS ’12   
Sarah J. Margolis, BS ’14, BA ’14
Harold E. Marshall, PhD ’69, MA ’66
Joseph W. McAnneny, PhD ’84   
James W. McConnaughey, MA ’79   
Devin F. McDonnell, BS ’14   
Anne K. McGuirk, PhD ’89, MPhil ’80
Bruce T. McWilliams, MPhil ’98, PhD ’05
Gao Meng, BS ’12   
Jeffrey D. Messina, BS ’13   
Amirdara S. Novini, BS ’14   
Jeffrey K. O’Hara, BS ’00   
Minako Hanig, MPA ’85   
Thomas H. Pendleton, MA ’60   
George A. Plesko, BA ’80   
Bryan E. Pratt, BA ’13   
Troy C. Quast, BS ’95   
Fenohasina T. Rakotondrazaka Maret, MA ’04, MPhil ’08
Clifford E. Reid, BA ’67   
Renee Saltes, MA ’06   
George D. Santopietro, BA ’78   
Graciela M. Santopietro    
Natalie A. Sarano, BA ’15   
James W. Sawhill, BA ’84   
Ariele B. Scharff, BA ’15   
Karen A. Segal, BA ’79   
Shamier Settle, BA ’15   
Roselyn S. Silverman, BA ’46, AA ’44
Tara M. Sinclair +   
Sandeep N. Soorya, BA ’97   
Cornelia M. Strawser, PhD ’83, MPhil ’81
Robert A. Sugarman, BA ’69   
Kyle Sullivan, BA ‘15, BA ’15
Ruchi Tandon, BA ’15   
Pooja M. Trivedi, MA ’06   
Diana C. Wanamaker, BA ’66, MA ’71
Anthony M. Yezer +   
Greg R. Zarelli, BA ’77   

+ Faculty/Staff
# Parent
~ Student
* Friend

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Economics Alumni Advisory Committee

In 2010, the Department of Economics created an Economics Department Alumni Advisory Committee to improve communications among alumni and between the alumni and faculty.  The Alumni Advisory Committee provides recommendations to the department regarding ways in which to achieve that goal. One initial effort was to establish a tradition of holding one event designed for alumni each semester.

Economics Students beyond the Classroom

GW economics students have been employed as analysts and economist by Ministries and the International Monetary Fund among others. See where some of our PhD students are now working.