BA in Economics

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • For CCAS majors, the general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Students from other schools (e.g., ESIA, SEAS) must satisfy the requirements of their home schools.
  • Prerequisite courses: Econ 1011-1012 (Principles of Micro/Macro).
  • Required courses in related areas: Math 1221(Calculus with Precalculus I), 1231 (Single-Variable Calculus I) or 1252 (Calculus-Social & Mgt Science); Stat 1111 (or 1051 or 1053); either Econ 2123 (Econometrics) or Stat 2112 (or 2118); 6 credit hours of a social science other than economics. Econ 2123 will count as one of the six additional upper-level economics courses.
  • Required courses in the major: Econ 2101 (or 2103), 2102 (or 2104), 4198W, and six additional upper-level (2000-level or above) economics courses to be approved by the departmental advisor. Grades of C- or better are required in Econ 2101 and 2102. A maximum of three regional courses (Econ 2133, 2169, 2170, 2185) can be counted toward the six additional courses. Of the three international economic courses (Econ 2180, 2181, and 2182) only two may be counted toward the major. Majors need not take any regional or international courses. One semester of calculus is required for Econ 2101 and 2102.


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