Spring 2013 Macroeconomics & International Finance

January 16
Yong Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
"Industrial Dynamics, Endowment Structure, and Economics Growth"

January 23 **Special time: 12:30-2p (Joint with Micro seminar)**
Chao Wei, George Washington University
"Green Stimulus: A Dynamic Discrete Analysis of Vehicle Scrappage Programs"

February 6
Shinichi Nishiyama, Congressional Budget Office
"Fiscal Policy Effects in a Heterogeneous-Agent OLG Economy with an Aging Population"

February 13
Pablo D'Erasmo, UMD

February 20
Eric Young, UVA

February 27
Sevin Yeltekin, Carnegie Mellon University
"Poverty and Self-Control" (joint with Doug Bernheim and Debraj Ray)

March 7 **special location (Thursday)**
Olivier Blanchard, IMF, 6:30pm

March 20 **preliminary date**
Mark Huggett, Georgetown University

March 29 **special time (Friday)**
Maurice Obstfeld, UC Berkely 

April 3 **Joint with Micro Seminar**
John Haltiwanger, UMD 

April 24 **Joint with Forecast Seminar**
Marcelle Chauyet, UC Riverside 

May 1 **Joint with Trade and Development Seminar**
Gilles Duranton, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
"Roads and Trade: Evidence from the US"