Interview with Genna Tatu

Genna Tatu

Recipient of the John Stuart Whetzell, Jr., Endowed Economics Scholarship

MAJOR: Economics
HOMETOWN: Palmyra, New Jersey

What was your initial reaction to the news of receiving a scholarship? What was that moment like for you and your family?
My initial reaction to the news of receiving a scholarship was pure joy. Knowing deep down that this would provide so much relief to my single mother made me so happy and grateful. When I told my mom that I got a scholarship, she screamed. She was so proud of me and was so happy. It was a struggle to pay for school last year, so having this scholarship really changed everything.

What message of gratitude would you like to share with the donor who made your scholarship possible? How has this scholarship impacted you and your overall experience at GW?
I am so grateful for the donor who made my scholarship possible. There are not enough words to say to express how grateful I am. This past semester at GW has been amazing. I am taking 15 credits, working at Gelman Library, performing research at the medical school with GW doctors, volunteering at the hospital, and working as a Teaching Assistant for an introductory biology class. Without this scholarship, I would not have had all these opportunities available to me.

What are your post-graduation plans/goals? How has your award supported these ambitions?
My post-graduation plans are to go to medical school, despite being an economics major. After medical school, I want to become a pediatrician and work at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. My scholarship has supported these ambitions because I can continue my undergraduate studies which will propel me into medical school.

Have you had the opportunity to conduct research or an independent project? What was that experience like and how did it enrich your overall academic experience?
I am currently working in the Jose Research Lab for Hypertension at GW medical school. I am conducting research with Dr. Pedro Jose and his staff, trying to find correlations between NPFF receptors and the kidney. This enriches my overall academic experience because it shows me the other side of the medical world — research. It's very important to have medical research under your belt, so conducting this research is really beneficial for me in the future.


About the Endowment

The John Stuart Whetzell, Jr., Endowed Economics Scholarship was established by John Stuart Whetzell, Jr., BA ’68. The fund provides need-based scholarships for undergraduate students majoring or minoring in economics in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.

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