Fall 2012

September 12
John Rust, Georgetown University, and SungJin Cho, Seoul National University
"The Free Installment Puzzle"

September 19            

September 25  **TUESDAY, 11a-12:30**   
Margaret Slade, University of British Columbia
"Spillovers in Space: Does Geography Matter For Technical Change."
LOCATION: Monroe 321

September 26       
Bilgehan Karabay, University of Auckland  (New  Zealand)
"When is it Optimal to Delegate? The Theory of Fast-track Authority"

October 3 
Vincy Fon, George Washington University
“Sovereign Debt Default Problem: A Game Theoretic Interpretation of the Boilerplate yet Mysterious Pari Passu Clause”

October 10
John Nye, George Mason University,
“What Determines Trust? Human Capital vs. Institutions: Evidence from Moscow and Manila” 

October 15
Claudia Hitaj, University of Maryland
"Wind Power, Plant Location, and Electricity Transmission Congestion"

October 17
Colin Cameron, UC Davis
"Robust Inference with Dyadic Data: with Applications to Country-pair International Trade" (with Doug Miller)         

October 31                 
Lesley J. Turner, University of Maryland,
"The Incidence of Student Financial Aid: Evidence from the Pell Grant Program"

November 7                          
Seth Freedman, University of Indiana
"Public Health Insurance Expansions and Hospital Technology Adoption" (with Haizhen Lin and Kosali Simon)

November 14                        

November 21                                    

November 28

December 5 
David Frisvold, Emory University,
“Nutrition and Cognitive Achievement: An Evaluation of the School Breakfast Program”