Combined Degree Programs

The Department of Economics offers onel option for students interested in earning a combined undergraduate and master degree. The program is selective and target outstanding GW undergraduates. The combined degree program provides students a challenging curriculum substituting 12 (for BA/BS/MPP) graduate-level credits for upper-division undergraduate courses. Students interested in the combined degree program should consult the undergraduate economics advisor and the graduate program advisors by the end of the second semester of their sophomore year.

BA/BS Economics/Master of Public Policy

The BA or BS/MPP degree program would be appropriate for students seeking public policy training. This program allows students to save some credit hour costs, relative to getting separate degrees. To take full advantage of the program, it is very important interested students talk to their undergraduate advisor and the director of the MPP program as soon as possible (no later than the end of their sophomore year).

Students who have maintained a satisfactory academic record may apply for admission to the MPP program during their junior year. It will be necessary for students to conform to the established requirements for completing an application, including completion of the GRE. Upon admission, students are granted 12 credits of advanced standing, leaving them with only 28 credit hours to complete the MPP degree.