Amy Y Guisinger-CV-Website

Areas of Concentration
Primary: Macroeconomics
Secondary: Labor Economics, Time Series Econometrics, and International Finance
Job Market Paper:  Gender Differences in the Volatility of Work Hours and Labor Demand

Yuzhen He-CV-Website
Areas of Concentration
Primary: International Trade, Applied Econometrics
Secondary: Corporate Finance, Industrial Organization
Job Market Paper: Liquidity Constraints and Imports


Chun (KC) Kuang-CV-Website
Areas of Concentration
Primary: Urban and Regional Economics, Real Estate Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Secondary: Development Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Does Quality Matter in Local Consumption Amenities?  An Empirical Investigation with Yelp
Anthony Yezer (Main Advisor)

Shan Li-CV-Website
Areas of Concentration
Primary: Labor Economics,Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Secondary: International Economics, Development Economics
Job Market Paper: Investment and Interruption: Effects of the US Experience on the Earnings of Return Migrants in Mexico

Xiaohan Ma-CV-Website
Areas of Concentration
Primary: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
Secondary: Econometrics, International Economics
Job Market Paper: Attenuated or Augmented? Monetary Policy Actions Under Uncertain Economic State and Learning
Roberto Samaniego (Chair)





Joseph R. McCormack- CV
Areas of Concentration
Primary: Public Finance, Industrial Organization
Secondary: Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy
Job Market Paper:  The Persistence of Fiscal Shocks on State Expenditures: Effects of Budget Requirements, Rainy Day Funds, and Withdrawal Requirements

Sherida Powell-CV
Areas of Concentration
Primary: Urban and Regional Economics
Secondary: Labor Economics
Job Market Paper: What Happens to Hedonic Estimates When the Redevelopment Option Interacts with Historic Neighborhood Status
Anthony Yezer (Chair)

Weihua Zhao-CV-Website
Areas of Concentration
Primary: Urban and Regional Economics, Real Estate Economics
Secondary: Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics
Job Market Papers: Does The Classic Standard Urban Model Still Describe the Growth of Cities?
Telework: Urban Form, Energy Consumption, and Greenhouse Gas Implications, with William Larson